Employment Office is your partner to understanding and harnessing the power of employee engagement.  We conduct strategic reviews of your entire workforce to survey their engagement levels and deliver valuable insights that empower you to grow your business based on the credible feedback of your people.

With our employee engagement surveys, you gain an authentic, holistic picture of how engaged your employees are, that can be measured year-on-year, with rich data that allows you to strategically plan for the future.

Achieve your business goals with an engaged workforce, here’s the secret to improving performance today.

Employee Engagement Surveys are a very common way for managers to understand what their teams think of their jobs and the firm that employs them. Over the years, Employment Office has worked with organisations who’ve undertaken traditional employment engagement surveys filled with templated stock-standard questions and resulting in vast reporting data; who’ve never experienced the incredible difference a well-designed and executed survey can have on their overall business performance.

Why is Employment Office different?

With a decade of expertise in the area of engagement and retention, our difference is our people.

–          We take the time to understand the needs of your organisation.

–          We build a customised survey targeted to your people.

–          We provide analysis on the results and provide them to you in an easy-to-use format.

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