Skills Testing

It’s one thing to see a resume on paper. It is quite another to translate those skills into productivity. At Employment Office, one of the tools we have available to improve your recruitment process is Skills Testing – the ability to find out whether or not the applicant has the skills needed to succeed. Skill testing technology is changing the way that companies like yours recruit. With our skills testing services, you can:

  • Make more informed hiring decisions.
  • Base your hiring on real world ability, not just a paper and interview.
  • Cut down your shortlisting time and time-to-hire dramatically.

This process allows you to truly find out about the skills and talents of your applicants, so you decrease the odds of a bad hire and improve your ability to find someone that will seamlessly fit in with your company.

We can assess candidates on a range of different skills, including:

  • Accounting/Financial Skills
  • Business Intelligence Skills
  • Database Skills
  • Digital Application Skills
  • Engineering Skills
  • Human Resource Skills
  • Industrial and Design Skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Language and Communication Skills
  • MS Office Software Skills
  • Operating System Skills
  • Typing and Data Entry Skills

Our testing methods are proven effective at identifying those that have these talents, and can be used to help shortlist your applicants to those that meet your requirements.

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Our Skills Testing

  • Accounting and financial

  • Application and web development

  • Database and business intelligence

  • Engineering, industrial and design

  • Human resources

  • Language and communication

  • MS Office Software

  • Operating Systems and Internet Browsers

  • Typing and Data Entry

Hire better people by evaluating their skills, not just their resume. Contact us today to find out more.

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