Employment Office is NOT a traditional recruitment agency

Our trusted recruitment products empower you to secure the very best candidates easily and cost-effectively.

 Our experts handle the work but you stay in charge

 No high placement fees or hidden costs

 100% transparency and visibility

 Hire as many candidates as you want at no extra charge

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What We Do

Recruitment Advertising Services

High quality, transparent recruitment advertising campaigns – We bring the expertise and the delivery team; you keep control.

Shortlisting & Selection Services

Best-practice candidate screening, interviews, behavioural and skills testing and more – Secure the right candidate without the stress.

Tailored Recruitment Software

Cutting edge candidate management software to save you time, speed up the process and give you full visibility and control.  

Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing Solutions

Employer Branding consultancy & support – be known as an employer of choice to consistently attract and retain top talent.

How we can help your organization

Fill a vacancy with the best possible candidate: 

Attract high quality applicants cost-effectively and without the stress or the placement fees

Select and secure the right candidate through professional, effective shortlisting services

Enjoy full visibility and control through easy to use technology and 100% transparency

Transform or optimise your recruitment process:

Ensure continued recruitment success via full-service recruitment outsourcing  

Recruit more efficiently and effectively with innovative, accessible software

Attract and retain top talent through personalized employer branding consultancy

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