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Generally, when we think about Christmas recruiting we think about the manic Christmas casual hiring period that occurs between October and January each year. But what about all the organisations who happen to be looking for full-time, permanent employees during this time?

Two of the biggest questions the Recruitment Advertising Team here at Employment Office get asked at this time of year are; ‘Are candidates looking for jobs over the Christmas period?’ and ‘Should we be recruiting during this time?’.

And the answer to both is a resounding ‘yes’! Why you ask?

  1. Less competition = better chance for success.

Have you noticed how much competition there is on job boards these days? Job advertisements that used to sit on page one of a search for anywhere up to 2 weeks are now dropping off page one into oblivion in a much shorter time frame. In particularly busy categories and locations, this can happen in one day!!

The plus side of advertising over the Christmas period is that there are more often than not, less companies recruiting at this time, meaning your ad will stay at the top of search results longer. More visibility, better ROI and less competition? – tick!

  1. Tis the season…to find a new job!

Did you know that more people change jobs in January than any other time of year? However –  9 times out of 10 they have already started thinking about the move BEFORE the festive season starts.

If you are holding off on starting your advertising until the end of January, you run the risk of losing visibility with this active and engaged talent pool. Instead – why not schedule your advertising to run for you while you are on leave? That way while you’re relaxing pool side with a cocktail in hand, candidates can still be applying for your positions and their applications will be there ready and waiting for you on your return to the office.

Feeling overwhelmed about how you can achieve all of your recruitment goals in the next couple of weeks? Our team of advertising and shortlisting specialists at Employment Office can help!

Give us a call today to see how we can help you hit your hiring targets for December/January and take advantage of our great Christmas special giving you fantastic savings on our shortlisting services.

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